Closet Space



A space affects our being in many ways, mostly subconscious, it can be experienced as a second skin around the body. Skin possesses the ability to adapt; it expands, shrinks, changes colour, based on the circumstances. This idea of a space relates to rooms in the ancient Japanese architecture which were open and flexible in use. Based on the activity of the moment they could be transformed by using; screens, curtains and furniture. The objects formed the basis of the space and determined its purpose, form and scale. In this sense objects become mediators between spaces, secluding one from the other. The idea of seclusion became the inspiration for a bookcase and a lamp, from which a separate space can be created from the objects itself; for reading, writing and working. The aim of the space is to create an environment that embraces and allows us to focus and close off.


91 x 216 x 60 cm (W x H x D)